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The Performers


Six Internationally trained artists who have performed on the stages of Canada and Spain

​Deeply committed to the purity and elemental intensity of flamenco music and dance, Flamenco en Rouge brings together artists who share a unique creative vision

Performing a highly emotional Jerez-style flamenco, the baile (dancing) closely reflects and integrates cante (singing), and gives expression to the words.

Martine Durier-Copp 

Artistic Director and choreographer for Flamenco en Rouge, Martine brings a background in music and dance that admirably suits her work in Flamenco. She received her Bachelor of Music and Master’s of Musicology from the Université de Montréal, and continued her musical studies in Paris and Saint Petersburg.

Her dance education began at Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal and her flamenco training has included annual master classes in Spain with Antonio de Veronica y Saray Cortes, Noelia Sabarea, Soraya Clavijo, La Chiqui, and Maria Bermudez.  She has also taken numerous international workshops in Jerez de la Frontera, Malaga, New York and Montréal, which featured flamenco legends Farruquito, Belen Maya, Olga Pericet, La Lupi and Carmen Ledesma.

​She has performed in Spain and in many Canadian cities, including Ottawa, Victoria, Saint John and regularly in her hometown, Halifax. She undertakes research yearly at the Centro Andaluz de Flamenco, in Jerez de la Frontera, enriching her flamenco dance with in-depth study of the flamenco forms and letras  (sung verses). Martine is an artist supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Brenley Heaver

The Voice of Flamenco en Rouge, Brenley is known not only for the beautiful, soaring and passionate cante (singing) that she contributes to our performances, but also in that she acts as host, explaining the intricacies of flamenco to our audiences.

​Brenley discovered flamenco in Spain, during a trip as a teenager, and became smitten with that art form. Originally from Ontario, she studied Spanish, Music and Theatre before moving to Nova Scotia, where she teaches high school.

She joined Flamenco en Rouge in 2015, and, together with her husband, Matt Martin, Musical Director, share their passion for flamenco as a couple.

Ruth Pacis

Originally from Manila, Philippines, Ruth Pacis has danced her entire life, experimenting with a variety of styles. She discovered flamenco in 2000, and became immediately besotted by the passion and drama of that art form.


She has studied flamenco in Canada, the US and in Spain, where she returns regularly for master classes. Ruth is especially drawn to the gypsy elements of flamenco – earthy, emotional and playful. Ruth will be featured in the soulful Tientos/Tangos, which speaks of scorned love.

When not dancing flamenco, Dr. Ruth Pacis is a family doctor, with a busy practice in Dartmouth, N.S.

Marina Roussakova

Originally from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Marina grew up surrounded by ballet and art. She discovered flamenco in 2000, began studying the art form in Halifax, followed by study visits to Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, where she worked with flamenco master teachers.

She has been performing with Flamenco en Rouge since 2012. Marina brings her grace and elegance to flamenco, and is recognized for her skill and technique with the flamenco mantón (large shawl), which she will be using in the spirited Fandangos!

Matthew Martin

Originally from Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Matthew pursued classical guitar studies with his Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance from Acadia University in 2008. In 2009, he placed second in the Canadian National Music Festival competition. He furthered his studies in Koblenz, Germany, where he obtained a Diploma in Performance.

Matt has studied classical guitar with many of the world's top guitarists including: Dale Kavanagh, Aniello Desiderio and Eliot Fisk. He has also taken flamenco guitar lessons with Jesus Alvarez of Jerez de la Frontera. 

Matt is Flamenco en Rouge's guitarist and Musical Director. Matt teaches guitar lessons in Kentville, Nova Scotia, and is the proud husband of our cantaora (singer), Brenley Heaver.

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Sebastian Copp

Sebastian Copp began his musical studies at the Maritime Conservatory of Music, studying classical flute, and then guitar. He began playing flamenco cajón in 2012 with Flamenco en Rouge. He quickly became interested in the complexities of the rhythms of each of the various flamenco forms, and how unique their time signatures (compas) and musical feels (aire) are. Initially self-taught,


Sebastian continued his cajón training in 2015 in Algeciras, and in Jerez de la Frontera with a famous cajón player known as 'El Chuster'. Sebastian has played in over a dozen productions with Flamenco en Rouge. He is also a member of the Halifax-based Bossa Nova Scotia (guitar/percussion trio).

While not performing with Flamenco en Rouge, Dr. Sebastian Copp has a medical practice in Tatamagouche, NS.

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